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DIY Lucky Penny Vase

  This is just fabulous. I love the color of pennies. Copper is so my color. This is easy to make and looks stunning too. Make this your lucky penny jar today. shows you how to make this awesome vase below: DIY Lucky Penny Vase

Save Money And Make Your Own laundry Detergent

  All the big brands and even some of the cheaper brands of detergent can cost between 4 to 9 bucks. Why spend that much when you can make double the amount with half the cost…. best of all, it cleans just as well. with no harsh chemicals. shows you how to make your own …

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10 Simple Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

  Summer is nearly over, so get those feet in flip fops or sandles and let your feet breath. If you have cracked heels, these remedies may help you get into your sandals again. show you a list of 10 simple home remedies that will help soothe and makeover your cracked heels, and let you …

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DIY Multi-Colored Carrot and Green Radish Pickles

If you want a delicious treat, this is for you. These carrot and green radish pickles are to die for! They really do get your taste buds rocking. Our friends over at show you how to make your own. See the full article and get all the know how below: DIY Multi-Colored Carrot and Green …

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DIY Stacked Stone Bird Baths

I love bird baths and I love DIY. This is a great project and very easy to do. It looks so simple its almost rustic. This project needs to happen in our garden before the winter sets in. I would love to watch little birds sweep in and take a bath in a home made …

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Salad Dressing Recipes (50 Different Salads and Dressings)

  If you like salad and want to try different dressings, this is your post! I found a great website that shows you how to make 50 different salad dressings from scratch. Check out how to do all of these in the link below: Salad Dressing Recipes (50 Different Salads and Dressings)

Canning with Bacon – Baked beans – Recipe

Pressure Pressure canning is very important to me and this site being only one of a few on the web I want to continue to work the recipes so that my followers will take advantage of the additional meals, side dishes, and ingredients that can be “put up” in their pantry. I just did a …

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