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Natural Remedies For Ear Infection

  Ear ache is a horrible dull ache that is one of the painful things a child and even an adult can have. shows us natural remedies for ear ache and I have to say, I am so glad I came across this as I hate using man made medicine, you just never know what …

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10 Tips for Dealing With Water Damage, Mold and Mildew

  If you have had either a flooded basement, moldy drywall and mildewed grout are no fun to deal with. shows us some tips to help you prevent water damage and mold growth from happening in the first place, and tips for handling these situations if they do occur. See the full article below: 10 Tips …

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How to Sharpen Razor Blades for the Long Term And Save Money

photo credit: Buying razors every month can cost a fortune. Over at backdoor survival Gaye shows us how to keep a disposable or normal razor blade sharp for months. This is so simple I don’t know why it has taken me all these years to know this information. Check out how to do this …

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How To Harvest Honey From A Comb Using Two Mason Jars

  Harvesting honey doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, all you need is 2 mason jars photo credit: How To Harvest Honey From A Comb Using Two Mason Jars

10 Useful Things To Do With An Old Laptop

Do you have an old laptop sitting around that you feel is useless? That has happened to me before! I never know how to dispose of it or if it is worth selling. Well before throwing it away, you should read this! You could turn it into an electronic recipe book, a digital picture frame, …

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How to Braid Garlic For Long Term Storage

Do you grow your own garlic? If you don’t you should. Garlic has so many health benefits,  Thy Hand Hath Provided shows us how to braid garlic so it can be hanged for long term storage. They have a great picture tutorial on how to do this. Read the full article below: How to Braid …

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Hydroponics DIY Project (Step By Step)

  This project from says this hydroponics system uses no dirt what so ever and can produce double what a normal garden of this size would. This is just pure awesome. It is easier and cheaper than you might think to build you own system.  With these simple instructions you can learn how to build …

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