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Banana Bread Bars with Brown Butter Frosting Recipe

  I LOVE banana bread. It is my ultimate go to when I need comfort dessert, It’s a great way to use up old bananas and just a flavor explosion in your mouth. Normal banana bread on its own warmed up is yum, but I found a recipe that has brown sugar frosting on it …

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DIY Natural Grease Stain Solution

  Grease is a really hard stain to get out, many store bought have harsh chemicals that actually DO NOT work. I have had loads of brands over the years but I always find homemade solutions are the best. I found a really good recipe to get grease out of any clothes and I really …

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DIY Toilet Bombs – Deodorize & Kill Bacteria

These small amazing and work extremely well. These are so much better than using the harsh chemical cleaners you can buy. They are fun to make and you know what you are putting into the water. See how to make these for yourself for around 45 cents. (Picture Credit: You could even make a big …

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Pay It Forward Giveaway


To say a big thank you I want to give you something back for being a great supporter and follower of my page. ALL NATURAL & GOOD. When I posted I wanted to do a giveaway 2 more pages said they will contribute towards the giveaway. So now there is one $100 Amazon Gift Card …

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Make Your Own Magical De-Bloat Potion

This is a magical bloat potion, this is packed with lots of health beneficial spices and juices. Over at they explain how to make this and how in just 2 days she had everyone notice how un bloated she looked. amazing. I will be trying this out. I will keep you all updated. See how …

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Get Ready For Winter – Honey Lemon Tea Recipe

When school starts after the summer holidays thats when I start to get prepared for winter. The picture above  shows you what I am talking about. This little recipe keeps colds at bay and gives you the much needed natural energy you need to start your day. Make some now and then when the cold …

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1 Minute To Soft Hands – Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

I do a lot of gardening and manual stuff around the house, I guess that’s the joy and blessings I have for being retired, but my hands are not as soft as they used to be. Over at they have a fantastic olive oil sugar scrub recipe that make your hands soft in 1 minute. …

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