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16 Upcycled Furniture Projects

Saving money by re-using or upcycling is the perfect projects for us scrimpers and savers out there. These 16 projects could save you a lot of cash. Our friends over at have 16 great DIY furniture upcycle projects for you to try and if you have time and you do 1 or all please post …

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How To Transform Faded Jeans

Have you got lots of old, faded jeans you wish you could get back again? Now you can! This is a really cool project and it WORKS! I have 3 pairs of jeans that are 10 years old. I love how they fit, but they have faded beyond wearable. Now I can and I will …

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22 Copycat Cleaning Recipes

Why pay store prices when you can make the same products at home for half the cost! These homemade versions can be altered to make powerful cleaning products and beat the name brands hands down. Get all 22 copycat recipes below, remember if you really like them share with your friends, save money and be …

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Frugal Food Storage Project – Instant Oatmeal Packets

Buying multi-flavor oatmeal packs at the store can be VERY expensive and full of preservatives and flavorings. Make your own with out the price tag and preservatives today. See what combinations you can do below: Frugal Food Storage Project – Instant Oatmeal Packets

How to Start a Fire With a Gum Wrapper and Battery

If you are in a pinch and you have no matches or fire starting equipment, get a battery and a gum wrapper and you have instant fire 🙂 This is great to know, especially now winter and the colder months are upon us. Get more info on how to do this below: How to Start …

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Basil Syrup Recipe – Soothe Coughs and Sore Throats

Medicinally, Basil is antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, carminative, a circulatory stimulant, diaphoretic, digestive, emmenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, galactagogue, nervine and sedative. Given all these qualities, I’d say it’s a pretty good plant to have growing in your garden and not just for food Our friends over at go over how basil can be …

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How To Build a Chaise Lounger

Having hidden storage is a blessing in my eyes! Keep your valuables in plain sight is genius. Use old wood pallets and you can have this in your house just like the photo above. You can use any fabric you like so it matches your decoration. See how to make this and get all the …

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