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68 Fantastic Uses For Lemons

  Lemons are just pure awesome, they are good for you and did you know they can help around the house too? I’m sure us old’ens know a few uses for lemons that we have picked up over the years but even I didn’t know half of the uses for lemons found in this awesome …

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DIY Frugal and Amazing Stain Remover

If you have children or animals you know you will always need a GOOD stain remover either for the carpet or their clothes. Store bought stain removers work some of the time but are packed with harsh chemicals and cost a fortune. Why spend money on stuff that doesn’t work, make your own and save …

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How To Make Homemade Cooking Spray

If you have ever bought this sort of cooking spray from the store you must have read the ingredients and then just said, meh, this is easy to use. STOP. you can make your own, more natural cooking spray with olive oil. On its own, olive oil doesn’t mist, but a common additive you will …

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How To Eliminate 8 Common Garden Pests Naturally

  If you own a garden it is inevitable that at some point you will come across pests that attack your food and flower beds. If you are frugal and want to save money by not buying pest pray etc from the store and use a more natural method, these 8 ways could be your …

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16 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs This Winter

  We all like to save money where we can and a little bit of DIY and minor alterations can save us a ton of cash over the long winter months. These simple ways are borderline genius. Some of the tips are obvious but some will make you say ” why didn’t I think of …

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DIY Boot Scraper

With fall just around the corner and kids getting all muddy this is a perfect project to complete and save your time cleaning floors and carpets. shows you how to make this and costs next to nothing if you have old brooms hanging around. See how to make this below: DIY Boot Scraper 

How to Remove Scratches from Leather

This is a very easy and simple tip to get scratches out of leather. This works well on leather jackets or even your horse saddle. My sofa is scratched because the dog is always jumping up and down, I will try this and see if it works See the tip and how to do this …

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