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4 Things You Can Do with a Single Gallon of Milk

Did you know there is 4 things you can do with milk apart from drinking it? I found a great website that shows us 4 things to do with a gallon of milk, save money, and make your own butter and butter milk, mozzerella and spreadable cheese. The good thing about making these your self …

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DIY Cheesecloth Spirits For Halloween

  Halloween is nearly here so its time to get your cool or unusual props out. I saw this project over at where you take cheese cloth and Styrofoam mannequin heads and make ghostly figures with them, look how cool and with a little blood, fake my I add, these would be a great addition to …

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How to Mount a TV on the Wall

  How many of us want the TV on the wall with NO wires? I know for sure I do, this is a great tutorial on how to do just that! Have a great looking living space with this great DIY project. Check out the before and after picture, above Check out how to do …

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How To Make A Braided Infinity Scarf

photo credit: This is a really cool project that is easy to make and looks expensive. Use an old knit shirt or buy a specific piece of fabric. Read the tutorial below: How To Make A Braided Infinity Scarf

Cherry Pie in the Crock Pot Recipe

  I am a big fan of crock pot meals, now I have been researching crock pot desserts. My hubby loves this recipe, we actually made it last night. WOW. Thats all i need to say. You need to make this, if you have a crock pot it would be a sin not too, lol. …

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How to Make Homemade Shampoo

  If you buy your own shampoo from the store, which most of us do, you may not realize you are putting nasty man made chemicals on your hair/body. This recipe from shows us how to make natural shampoo that works really well and some even say better than store bought shampoo. Check out …

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Simple Homemade Cures For Bad Breath

  If you ever suffer from bad breath or know someone that does and are looking for a natural cure for it, this article is for you. Maybe you had a tasty garlic dish for lunch or your mouth tastes funky after all that coffee you drank…whatever the reason, you want a quick fix. See the …

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