Crib Sheet Review

photo credit: HOMEE House

* I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

First things first, due to the lack of communication and horrible customer service I have received from this company, I am very much upset to have to be writing this review. As a blogger (with 16k following) and busy stay-at-home mom, I value my time, especially with 2 toddlers and a baby on the way. This blog is not free for me to run and maintain. It takes a lot of work! If companies I work with cannot show me some respect, why should I provide them with free advertising to help their business? It is called a partnership for a reason. It is not one-sided.

More about this crib sheet I am forced to write about…I am about to have my third baby and it is a surprise! This crib sheet is great for both genders. I love the pattern! I could also use it with my son or daughter now or to travel with (since I own a woodland print pack n play). I think the price of the product is very steep. I usually buy crib sheets for $9.99 at Target with patterns that are just as cute if not more. The quality is about the same too. You can find this crib sheet here: