DIY Upcycled Grocery Bag Fruit Basket


It’s summer and meals outdoors are fantastic! If you’ve decided to organize a picnic, you’ll love this craft idea to store fruit and berries in a beautiful way. The supplies are a paper shopping bag, scissors, a ruler, a pen, small clothes pins and a hot glue gun.

Cut off the bottom of the bag, measure strips and cut them. Glue the 4 strips to 4 long ones, fold them into thirds lengthwise. Weave shorter strips and glue corners, weave 4 longer strips, use clothespins to secure, trim leaving enough to tuck under top. Tuck final strips and glue where needed and voila, your basket is ready! Add fruit or berries and enjoy! See the full tutorial below.

DIY Upcycled Grocery Bag Fruit Basket

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