Elderberry To Fight A Cold Or Flu

If you haven’t heard of elderberry, specifically elderberry syrup by now, let me tell you…you are missing out on this wondrous natural remedy!

My family and I started using elderberry syrup nearly 4 years ago when my kids’ pediatrician recommended it. (Gotta love her for being a western doctor who loves natural remedies.) She said it is one of the best things to use to boost the immune system, fight off illness and even recover from the flu!

Our Recent Flu Infestation

When my son was sick with the flu last month, his doctor recommended elderberry syrup over prescribing tamiflu to help him recover. The elderberry syrup paired with a double dose of vitamin d each day and he was better within a week without any other interventions needed. The rest of our family took it as well as a preventative measure and somehow the rest of us did not catch that nasty flu! (And this includes our toddler and newborn!)

I Swear By This Stuff!

Whenever I feel like I am getting sick, I’ve been around sick people or I am sick, I drink elderberry syrup religiously! I strongly believe it has stopped me from getting sick many times and when I am sick, it is very mild and only lasts about 2 days. Best of all? I am still able to MOM (I have 3 kids under 4 years old) without feeling completely rundown! I am so obsessed that I have started to grow my own elderberry plants in my yard so that I can one day have enough berries to make my own elderberry syrup. Although it is pricey, the cost of a bottle of elderberry syrup definitely beats the cost of going to the doctor or paying for medications.

Which Brand Do I Recommend?

Ever since our kids’ pediatrician recommended the original Sambucol (Sambucol Black Elderberry Original Formula, 7.8 Fluid Ounce Bottle, High Antioxidant Black Elderberry Extract Syrup for Immune Support), it is all we use! It is more potent than any other elderberry syrup I have come across, with a whooping 3.8 grams per serving. Most other elderberry products contain 1.2 grams or a lot less per serving, for the same price (if not more). So it really is the best bang for your buck. It also comes from France, and I really trust products from Europe.

So the next time you are looking for the perfect natural remedy, elderberry syrup is it!

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