Tools4Wisdom Planner Review

As a busy mom of two, mommy brain can get the best of me sometimes. I have always been someone who loves to write stuff down. I still hand write my to do lists, grocery lists and goals. This planner is just what I needed to inspire me and keep me motivated!

I love the hardcover and colorful front cover. It is also larger than typical planners but still small enough to fit in my diaper bag, computer bag or a binder.

My only complaint is that the printing of the pages can use some work. Some pages look as though the printer was low on ink and some of the graphics resemble a power point presentation. I like pictures that are more upbeat and colorful to keep me going, but I am not going to let the design keep me from using this wonderful planner.

I recommend this planner to any mom, career person, student or anyone who needs some motivation and organization in their life.

You can find this wonderful planner below:

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.