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13 Household Uses for Lemon

These 13 household uses for lemon are so cool! Perhaps you have a lemon tree in your yard with too lemons to know what to do with, or you have some lemons about to go bad, or you may have used a lemon for a recipe and are about to toss the remaining contents.

Here are 13 awesome household uses for lemon:

  1. To sanitize and remove stains on your cutting board
  2. To remove mildew and stains from your shower curtain
  3. To eliminate odors
  4. Put a slice down your sink and run your garbage disposal. It will freshen up your sink and smells great!
  5. Remove an ink stain by making a paste of cream of tartar and lemon juice
  6. To clean aluminum and brass – use with cream of tartar or baking soda
  7. To clean your cheese grater – just grate a lemon slice
  8. Combine with hot water and honey to soothe a sore throat
  9. To clean glass
  10. To soothe bug bites and stings
  11. Mix with 2 cups warm water and pour over your hair to get rid of dandruff
  12. Rub a slice under your fingernails to whiten them
  13. For natural blonde highlights, put lemon juice in your hair and sit out in the sun
  14. Make homemade limoncello – This is a yearly holiday tradition for us and makes a great gift for family and friends.

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