5 Healthy Daily Habits That Will Help You Stay Sober

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A guest post by Michelle Peterson at recoverypride.org

Recovering from addiction requires you to stay on top of your physical, mental and spiritual health. Forming healthy habits during recovery can help you stay focused on getting better while setting you up for sober success in the months and years to come. To really take advantage of the healing effects of addiction recovery, focus on these five wellness practices.

Stay Active

Several studies show that exercise helps with recovery in a variety of positive ways.  Exercise promotes the release of endorphins, essential chemicals for relieving pain and increasing positive feelings. Find a fitness routine that works for you, but don’t be afraid to switch it up by adding in some fun cardio, like dance or rock climbing. Staying active can also add years, and quality, to your life by reducing your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So, take the time to develop an exercise plan that you can stick to through recovery and beyond.

Take Nutrition Seriously

Making the right choices in the kitchen can help you make the right choices to stay sober. Your food choices can impact your energy levels, mood, and overall health, so take the time to make healthy meals a priority. Meal prep and cooking at home are some of the best ways to stay on track with your diet and cooking can even help relieve stress. Cooking and eating healthy meals can help you stay strong and sober while promoting a healthy weight, so make a commitment to nourishing yourself with whole foods and proper hydration.

Manage Mental Health

Most addictions stem from previous traumas or unattended mental health issues. Anxiety, depression and deep-seated emotional pain can all be triggers for substance abuse, and relapses after recovery. It’s important for you to properly address any issues in therapy during recovery, and it is essential that you continue this process of taking care of your mental health. Your recovery and sustained sobriety depends on you taking control of your mental health, so use this time to take care of your mind and to learn healthy methods for managing your emotions.

Practice Stress-Relieving Self-Care

Recovery is a time for soul-searching and a time to learn how to release life’s stresses. Stress can wreak havoc on your treatment and can lead to breaks in sobriety. Self-care is an important element in learning how to decompress and how to quietly create spiritual peace. Create a meaningful meditation process, reset yourself with yoga or establish some stress relieving hobbies and practices. Find ways to relieve stress and release the negative effects that can lead you away from your path of recovery.

Start Prioritizing Sleep

If you really want to incorporate healthy habits into your routine, don’t be tempted to skip out on sleep. Quality rest is essential to keeping your mind sharp, you body strong and your emotions and stress levels in check. Sleep deprivation has been proven to have the same effects as alcohol or drugs, so make it a point to get a good 7-8 hours of sleep every single night. Invest in comfy sheets, pillows and blankets to make your bed a relaxation haven and keep electronics, especially TV’s, out of your bedroom. Creating a calming environment and a restful bedtime routine could be one of the healthiest habits you perfect while in recovery and throughout life.

Embracing healthy habits on a daily basis is essential to maintaining sobriety and recovering from addiction. From exercising to making sound diet choices, or even getting a good night’s sleep, you can easily incorporate healthy decisions into every element of your life. Stay healthy, stay focused and stay sober, so you can stay satisfied with life.

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