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Hi, I’m Tabitha and I am on a mission to provide you with quality content for all things health, wellness and motherhood. Thanks for following along!

First, I became a mom…

I started All Natural & Good in 2013 when I was about to become a mom for the first time. My background is in child and family development, so blogging was really just a passion of mine that started from scratch with the help of my husband.

When I became pregnant in 2013, I was becoming more aware of what I was putting in and on my body. I was always concerned about what was safe or not safe to use while pregnant. I began making my own all natural sugar scrubs, deodorant and other body products to live a healthier life.

As a mom who was looking to become more natural, All Natural & Good became a platform for me to share my recipes, thoughts and ideas. Don’t get me wrong though, I am still a regular mom who loves to indulge and write about that too!

Then, I went viral…

If you are a new follower of mine, you may have heard my story about being a breast milk donor that went viral with millions of views. My story has been featured on the news, printed in newspapers and magazines world-wide, and I have been interviewed by many media sources including Good Morning America.

Although donating breast milk isn’t anything new for me (as I have been donating since 2016), it has become a platform for my blog and has been the inspiration behind some of my posts.

Since All Natural & Good began, I have had three kids in less than four years and All Natural & Good continues to grow with them. You can follow me along this crazy motherhood journey right here on All Natural & Good, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks so much for your support!

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