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Homemade coconut cold brew coffee is my new favorite! After all, I am a coffee addict and mom of three here! I cannot function without my morning coffee, but with summer here, I can’t get myself to drink a hot cup of coffee when it is over 80 degrees in my house.

Not only is cold brew the perfect summer drink, it has a unique flavor and is ready whenever you need it!

Homemade coconut cold brew coffee is pretty easy to make. I use this cold brew kit on Amazon that is compatible with my collection of mason jars at home. I love the flip top lid it comes with too! I can literally put it on a mason jar and take it on the go. I have had no issues with it spilling or leaking, even when stored in my stroller wobbling around. Oh, and it even works for making homemade iced tea!

To make your own cold brew you will need:
This kit (as stated above):Cold Brew Coffee Maker with Flip Cap Lid by County Line Kitchen
Fresh ground coffee
Dried coconut pieces (sweetened or unsweetened, depending on your preference)

Add the coconut pieces and fresh coffee grounds to the stainless steel filter in the kit. This sits nicely inside a mason jar. I usually add more coffee grounds than I would if I made hot coffee, but adjust the coconut and coffee to your taste preference. Add water to the mason jar to fill it to the top. Simply refrigerate the mason jar and enjoy fresh, cold coconut cold brew the following day!

Add creamer as desired and top with whipped cream if you wish! Cheers!

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