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Cradle Cap

You can get rid of your baby’s cradle cap once and for all with this simple and natural remedy! Cradle cap is a pretty common occurrence in babies and even toddlers. All three of my kids have had cradle cap at some point and it can be unsightly to say the least. 

How To Get Rid of Cradle Cap With One Simple Natural Remedy:

Coconut oil! I swear by coconut oil and all of the wonderful things it does.
I took about one teaspoon of coconut oil then rubbed it together in my hands to melt. Then, I rubbed it through the scalp about 30 minutes before bath time.

At bath time, I bathed my baby as usual and washed his hair. It was gone! I continued to do this once a week to prevent it from coming back. As he got older and I got busier, I started to forget to use coconut oil on his scalp every once in awhile until I noticed his cradle cap came back. I did the same thing again, but probably more like a tablespoon since he is bigger now and it worked yet again!

Such a simple, easy and natural way to get rid of that cradle cap!