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Make Your Own Seahawks Cookie Cutter


In light of the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII coming up this Sunday, I really want to make some Seahawks logo-shaped sugar cookies (what what!). Unfortunately, I did not have any cookie-cutters in the shape of the logo. I knew that eBay and Amazon sold some online for around 10 dollars, but I was unwilling to spend that much money on a single cookie cutter, and I definitely didn’t want to spend the extra money on expedited shipping for the thing. So I considered using a paper stencil to cut out the shapes. But then I started to think about how inefficient it would have been to cut out 24 cookies by hand.  I then got the idea to make my own cookie-cutter. Making my own cookie-cutter would save me time in the long run; plus, I could keep the cookie-cutter for life! And you can do it too if you follow the same basic steps that I did.


I started with an old aluminum baking sheet that I got from Goodwill for a couple bucks. Make sure if you try this that you get a very thin baking sheet. Hardware stores also sell squares of aluminum for about 10 dollars, if you’re willing to spend that much. I didn’t want to buy the aluminum sheet because I was only making one cookie-cutter. If I were making more, I probably would have made the investment.


Then I marked horizontal lines on the bottom of the pan using a straight edge. The lines were about an inch apart.



I took my heavy-duty scissors and cut along the lines, forming a long rectangle. Wearing gloves during this step is a good idea, as the edges can be very sharp.



I drew the Seahawks logo, and made sure that the aluminum strip was long enough to trace the perimeter of the design. When you’re doing this, if drawing the logo free-hand is too difficult, consider tracing the logo instead.


Using needle-nose pliers, I shaped the aluminum strip around the design.



After molding the design, I overlapped the edges of the strip together, making sure that the bottom of the cookie-cutter was flush with a flat surface. I glued the edges together using superglue. Just to make sure it dried correctly, I used 2 clamps.



And voila! There you have your homemade Seahawks cookie cutter. If you’re worried that the edges are too sharp, it might be a good idea to file them a tad. Otherwise, the cookie cutter is ready to use for the big game!


Here is our Seahawks cookie recipe to go with your cookie cutters!

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