The Healing Powers of Breast Milk

Breast Milk

Breast milk provides natural remedies for common skin problems in adults and children due to its abundance of antibodies. Here is a list of breast milk uses:

1. Diaper rash and yeast infections- apply to diaper area then let it air dry
2. Baby, teen and adult acne- apply to the affected area
3. Eczema and dermatitis in babies, children and adults- just rub it into your skin
4. Cradle cap- apply to baby’s scalp
5. Ear infection- a few drops in the ear every few hours should clear up the infection
6. Itchiness due to chicken pox, poison ivy and bug bites- apply to the skin with a cotton ball
7. Heal cuts, scrapes and burns- apply to the wound
8. Blocked tear duct and pink eye- apply a few drops in the eye
9. Cold sores and fever blisters- apply with a cotton ball
10. Skin rash- apply to rash
11. Sunburn- pat onto skin
12. Warts- saturate a cotton ball and apply to the wart for a few minutes, twice daily for several days
13. Red or swollen eyes- saturate a cotton ball with cold milk and rest it on the eyelids