Why Rice Cereal Should Not Be A First Food

So you finally got the green light for your baby to start solids and you run to the store for some baby rice cereal…but what most parents do not realize is that rice may not be the best first food choice.

Look, what many people do not realize is that baby rice cereal contains high levels of arsenic. Arsenic is naturally occurring in the earth and therefore found in rice. You can’t even escape the arsenic by buying organic rice products. It is just a natural thing.

Not only does rice contain arsenic, it is a food of the brat diet and can cause constipation. For these reasons alone, it isn’t always best for rice cereal to be your baby’s first food. It probably isn’t good to have too much of any rice products for anybody for that matter.

So what is the best foods to start on? According to my kids’ pediatrician, it is best to go straight to pureed fruits, vegetables and chicken. This has always worked out well for us.

Our pediatrician is also a believer in introducing high-risk foods early on. Did you know that the new guidelines state you should introduce peanut butter by 6 months of age?

I happen to also be a believer in introducing as many different foods as possible between 4-6 months of age to reduce the risk of food allergies. With your doctor’s approval of course!

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