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photo credit: Simple Wishes

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As a third time breastfeeding mom with hyperlactation syndrome, I know a lot about pumping as a busy mom on the go. With my firstborn, I was an exclusive pumper. With my second and third, I’ve had to nurse and pump multiple times a day and throughout the night. I have also been a breast milk donor since 2016. My pumping bra is what makes pumping that much easier for me!

There is only one brand of pumping bra that I use and that is Simple Wishes. As a nursing and pumping mom of three, I always need my hands free. Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bras allow me to multitask and pump on the go. I own five of these amazing pumping bras. I always have one in my car too, because I do often pump while I am driving or out and about with my kids.

Let me tell you more about this amazing pumping bra. The quality is phenomenal, it is adjustable (which breastfeeding mamas need, as our breast size can fluctuate a lot) and comfortable.

I own both their Signature and D-Lite hands-free pumping bras and I am obsessed with both! The Signature gives you more options for adjustment with the one inch panel and straps. The D-Lite is a more affordable option, but in my opinion it works just as well as the Signature!

As far as sizing goes, when I am not lactating, I am a 34DD. As a lactating mom, my size varies from a 34E-34G. I personally use the L-Plus size. According to the sizing chart below, I could probably use the XS-L size as well, but I love my L-Plus and the way it fits me.

photo credit: Simple Wishes

Not only does Simple Wishes offer the BEST pumping bras in existence, they make the SuperMom All-In-One Bra (a beautiful bra you can wear all the time for both nursing and pumping), the Everyday Nursing/Pumping Tank and elegant matching panties (available in thong and bikini), to name a few.

As a mega pumper, breastfeeding mom and breast milk donor, trust me when I say, this is the best pumping bra there is!

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