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How I Stay Grounded With Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

You all know how much I love my essential oils! What is even better is essential oil jewelry. I love being able to diffuse on the go while also being able to wear jewelry that can help me heal. This is how I stay grounded with essential oil diffuser jewelry.

There are so many amazing benefits to using essential oils. They make me feel calm, energized, emotionally grounded and provides me with full body wellness. I love pairing my essential oils with essential oil diffuser jewelry.

I have partnered with LOVEPRAY Jewelry for this amazing collaboration! They really get me and we just vibed from the very beginning. I already own an essential oil diffuser necklace, but an essential oil diffuser bracelet is new to me. Just the idea of it got me obsessed!

Handmade in the USA, LOVEPRAY Jewelry is loved by yogis, counselors, nature enthusiasts and athletes. They can also add moms to the list because I truly believe in natural healing with aromatherapy jewelry.

LOVEPRAY Jewelry is local to my home in San Diego, CA. I definitely look forward to finding them at local events in our area.

LOVEPRAY Jewelry has an amazing collection of essential oil bracelets. I chose the “Love” Rose Quartz aromatherapy bracelet because I really like pink! Little did I know that rose quartz has some amazing healing benefits that I was in desperate need of.

Upon opening the package, I was really excited to reveal my new bracelet. How cute is this box and booklet included?

Lovepray Aromatherapy Jewelry

I loved finding the little cards inside of the box with useful information about rose quartz and lava stone. Let me tell you about the lava stone! It is so beautiful and has a nice pearly shimmer to it. So pretty!

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Bracelet

As a mom who is often overwhelmed, I need to feel grounded and loved. By wearing essential oil diffuser jewelry like this rose quartz bracelet, I am able to stay grounded.

Rose quartz health benefits include:

  • emotionally healing
  • supports energy
  • provides comfort

Lava stone properties include:

  • effectively diffuses essential oils
  • comes from the center of the earth
  • grounding
  • supports energy and strength

I added one drop of one of my favorite essential oils for emotional health called Joy (an essential oil blend). I let it drip onto the lava stone on my rose quartz diffuser bracelet. The scent was powerful and lasted for hours. I love how well the lava stone absorbed the oil.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

I look forward to wearing this bracelet while I workout, to help me stay grounded and as a beautiful piece of jewelry that will compliment any outfit. Be sure to checkout LOVEPRAY Jewelry’s entire collection of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, mala beads and essential oil diffuser jewelry.

Find LOVEPRAY Jewelry Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets Here:

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