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Is Goat Milk Formula Similar to Breast Milk?

Is goat milk formula similar to breast milk? I breastfed all three of my children, but I have also used formula for supplementation. Although you may know me as the mass producer of breast milk, I must make it known that I am a strong believer in FED IS BEST!

I know that breastfeeding is not always an option for whatever reason and no mom should ever feel inadequate because of it. Sometimes we must turn to formula and it can be overwhelming when it comes to finding the perfect formula for our precious little ones. I don’t know about you, but I intensely researched formulas before finding the perfect fit. 

When it comes to most formulas out there, one issue that many children have is the inability for their developing tummies to digest it properly. Not only that, but there’s reflux, colic, gas and constipation that can occur from drinking cow’s milk formulas.

So Which Formula Is Best? 

I have found that when it comes to giving my children formula, goat milk formula has been most similar to breast milk for many reasons, including:

  1. Taste – Goat milk formula tastes most similar to breast milk than other formulas we have tried.
  2. Gentleness – Goat milk formula is also much more gentle on the digestive system than other formulas we have tried. 
  3. Supplementing – Goat milk formula has also been the best option for us when it comes to supplementing than other formulas we have tried. 
  4. Weaning – Goat milk formula is what I plan to use when I wean for the third time. At 12 months old, my youngest is still on 100% breast milk since I am an over-producer and haven’t weaned yet. When we do start the weaning process, we will be using goat milk formula to transition her off of breast milk. 

What Is Our Favorite Goat Milk Formula?

There are many reasons why I choose Kabrita goat milk formula over any other formula out there because it’s:

  1. Made in Europe – Kabrita goat milk formula is made in Europe with stricter standards than we have here in the US.
  2. Antibiotics/Growth Hormones are Limited – Kabrita goat milk formula limits the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides.
  3. Free of – Kabrita goat milk formula is non-GMO and free of heavy metals.
  4. Happy Goats – Their goats are treated with loving care.

While there is no formula out there that will perfectly mimic breast milk, there are many reasons why goat milk formula is a much better choice over cow’s milk formula. I also happen to love anything made in Europe, so that in itself is what makes Kabrita my top choice. 

Goat Milk for Babies

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