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photo credit: Block Island Organics

I recently received this natural face moisturizer with spf 30 from Block Island Organics. I was excited about this product the second I found out it had a rating of 1 on This is the lowest and safest rating to have, meaning it is safe and all natural. That is right up my alley! I only use natural products in my household and if it has an EWG rating of more than 1, I do not use it.

Typically, I use natural sunscreen daily on my body and face and I really do love it for my morning Stroller Strides outdoor workouts. If I am going to be out and about and wanting to do my makeup, I use my all natural tinted vegan moisturizer that has zinc oxide for sun protection. I hadn’t really thought to use an spf moisturizer. Since I hardly wear any makeup at all (being a mom of almost 3 under 4 years old), if I do use face makeup it is my tinted moisturizer. I do not use powders or foundation. For my current lifestyle, I do not really have a need for this product when I use sunscreen every day with no problems and it is one less product to remember to use.

But onto the product itself…it is wonderful! If you are looking for an all natural spf facial moisturizer in your life than this is it! It does not make you look pasty white with the zinc oxide and it rubs in nicely. I love the lingering subtle scent (vanilla?). Best of all, there are absolutely no chemicals or toxins in this product! It is also vegan! Only all natural ingredients and an outstanding EWG rating. If you aren’t familiar with EWG, you need to check out the ratings of your favorite products here.

This product is perfect for those with dry skin who are really looking for a great moisturizer. This is great for the summer months or any time of year that you may spend outdoors. Skin care is extremely important!

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