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VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser are my FAVORITE essential oil diffusers ever! (And I have tried and reviewed several before.) I love diffusing essential oils! I own a plethora of diffusers and there is one in every room of my home, including my kids’ rooms.

I am really into diffusing for my kids for a variety of reasons including promoting restful sleep, creating a calming atmosphere, or supporting their immune systems when they need it most!

Let me start out by telling you about the amazing features of the VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser:

  1. The Look: First and foremost, I love the dark wood grain look, as it matches my home perfectly! If it’s not in use, it makes a great decoration piece!
  2. Capacity: It holds 500ml of water, which is more than most diffusers. I like a diffuser that can last all day or night if I need it to.
  3. Power/Timer Settings: This is one important factor for me when purchasing a diffuser. I want something that can run on a timed setting or continuously. This diffuser has a 1, 3, and 6 hour timer as well as the option to run continuously, which is the function I normally use.
  4. Mist Modes: Sometimes I prefer a mist that isn’t too strong, especially if I am diffusing for my kids. Diffusing on a lower mist setting also helps preserve it for longer use. The higher mist is also great to cover more square footage. I have had no problem being able to smell my oils diffusing in my entire living room and even down the hall way.
  5. LED Light/Brightness Modes: My 4 year old son wants his diffuser running every night, whether or not we are actually diffusing oils for him. He likes to use it as a night light and the color changing mode is his favorite! This diffuser has 2 brightness settings as well as a color-changing mode and 7 different color options. As for me, I like having the light off, especially at night when I am trying to darken my bedroom.

The quality of this diffuser is wonderful! Check out the ratings on Amazon to see for yourself!

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