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Free Reign Farm Candle

Oh how I love candles! But since having kids, I have basically had to hide them all. But tonight I am lucky enough to find myself sitting in silence with my husband out with friends, my kids asleep, and I am sipping on a glass of wine and finally enjoying my new Free Reign candle!

These aren’t just any candles (I mean, you know me, I’d never be burning toxic candles in my house), they are soy wood wick candles. I had never heard of wood wick candles before and let me tell you, they are so cool! They give you that sense of a crackling fire without toxic fumes or mess.

Free Reign wood wick candles are made from soy, free of GMO ingredients, dye-free and non-toxic. They are naturally scented, so no sketchy “fragrances” to worry about.

I am loving this candle not only for the scent (I got Starburst) and natural ingredients, but I love the wood wick that produces a crackling sound as if I am enjoying a wood-burning fire.

Free Reign carries so many other amazing products too – from goat milk soaps to essential oils and natural deodorant. Check out all of their amazing stuff here! I hope you love their stuff as much as I do!

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