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All Natural & Good Holiday Gift Guide

I love putting together posts like this and sharing all of my favorite “all natural and good” products. I know when it comes to gift giving and the holidays, it is sometimes difficult to think outside the box. Not to mention, there is always that person who has everything and it’s impossible to think of something unique. That is where this All Natural & Good holiday gift guide comes in.

While you can make your own handmade gifts, here are some of my favorite products that your loved ones may not have yet. Plus, I will tell you more about how I use each product and why I love it so much!

If you’re lucky, you might even find some of these items on sale for Black Friday or throughout the holidays.

All Natural & Good Holiday Gift Guide

This one might be great for someone in your immediate family – like your spouse or children. Having a son with asthma, I have really had to cater to his needs having asthma and as a health-conscious mama, I am always thinking about the little things.

Avocado Green Mattress

If you are looking for a natural mattress, this is it. They offer a wonderful guarantee where you can try out the mattress and if you hate it, they will donate it to charity and give you your money back.

I even have a friend who inquired and Avocado Green Mattress told them they would send her old mattress back if she hated her new Avocado mattress. Sounds like a win to me!

Read my non-toxic mattress guide to learn more about Avocado and other natural mattresses choices.

OONI Pizza Ovens

We LOVE making homemade pizza. When we knew we wanted a pizza oven, we took into consideration a lot of things: price, space, quality, etc. Building a custom pizza oven was not for us and we loved the idea of something portable that we could take camping.

Immediately we fell in love with the idea of OONI portable pizza ovens. We own a few of their pizza ovens and love them all! They are also affordable and would make a great joint gift for parents or even your spouse. You can even make other food in this oven. We’ve tried s’mores, ribs, fish and veggies and all turned out fantastic!

Read more about my thoughts on OONI here.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

I use this dutch oven for just about everything including making homemade sourdough bread. This high quality cast iron cookware will last a lifetime.

If you are looking for more non-toxic cookware options, read more.

VitaClay Organic Multi Cooker

Our VitaClay is one of our most used kitchen appliances. It is an organic clay pot with ancient cooking techniques in mind. Not only does it replace many kitchen appliances, it makes delicious, flavorful meals.

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Read more about VitaClay here.

Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment

If you have a kitchen aid stand mixer and don’t yet have the pasta attachments, get it now! Also keep it in mind for a holiday gift idea.

We have been loving making our own pasta from scratch. It becomes a fun family activity and the pasta is so fresh and amazing!

Ice Cream Maker

My husband actually bought one for me one year for Mother’s Day and I LOVE it! With kitchen gadgets for just about everything, we somehow didn’t have an ice cream maker. Talk about one of my favorite gifts ever!

Even since, I have been making homemade ice cream regularly and my kids really love it too!

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