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We recently moved and our new house was previously occupied by an elderly man. Our bathrooms were extremely outdated! You can see here in the photos there was a handicap bar above the toilet. The shower doors were extremely corroded with tons of mold under the track which was impossible to get to to clean. It was also impossible to bathe my toddler with the tub faucet being blocked by the vanity and shower doors. The vanity was old and the wood was falling apart. We weren’t fans of the copper fixtures and knobs either.

We wanted to make the bathroom “ours” and looking more functional and up-to-date without spending a ton of money. Here is what we did:


First, we spent a weekend removing the shower doors. They were screwed into the tile so we had to patch and paint the holes after removing the doors. Underneath the track we found tons of mold and mildew built up (ew!). We removed the old caulk (which was coming off and water was seeping between the tile and tub) and re-caulked it. I had to do quite a bit of cleaning to removed the mold and old caulk, but it was well worth it!


I bought a shower curtain rod and put up a shower curtain. This makes it so much easier to bathe my son! As you can see, we also painted the bathroom blue and replaced the copper fixtures with white ones.

Next, we pulled out the old vanity and replaced it with a new one.


This vanity retails for $199 at Home Depot but it was on sale for a lot less. We also replaced the faucet for one that is much more functional.


Lastly, we tore out the handicap bar and repainted the cabinet. We also replaced the cabinet hardware (from copper to chrome and blue), toilet paper holder (from copper to white) and toilet seat cover (from wood to white).



This was a cheap way to re-purpose our bathroom and bring it back to life 🙂

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