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Walmart Grocery Delivery Service - A Mom's Lifesaver!

I am writing this post because I have become so obsessed with Walmart Grocery pickup and delivery services that I want all of my mom friends and followers to be in the know of my newest obsession. Seriously, Walmart Grocery is a mom’s lifesaver!

I don’t know about you, but shopping with my kids is literally the worst experience ever! I usually run my errands with my 10 month old while my 2 and 4 year old are at preschool twice a week. But even then, it is a handful! And what about those days when there is something I forget or need ASAP? Ah! Don’t even get me started.

Let me introduce you to Walmart Grocery! It is my new favorite weekly errand! I can even take ALL THREE KIDS! Yes, that’s right! The app is so user-friendly and convenient. When there is something I need to add to my grocery list, I just open my app and add it to my cart really quick before I forget to write it down. I do this throughout the week until I am ready for a pick-up!

What is so great about Walmart Grocery pickup is that I can “check in” when I am on the way and the gps tracking is able to provide Walmart with my ETA and car color. They come right out with your order and load up your car for you. No getting out, loading the car or waiting! The app let’s you pay for your order too. Your card is charged after you pick up.

Can’t stand picking up your order? They offer delivery too! What I love about the delivery service is that they do not inflate their prices like many other delivery apps and services. They just add on a small delivery fee, but your first delivery fee is waived!

I have tried both the pickup and delivery services and have been satisfied every time. What’s even more exciting? You can pretty much add anything you need to your cart – from household items to craft supplies and baby products. So cool!

Click here to save $10 on your first Walmart Grocery order!

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