How To Throw A Kid’s Party For Cheap


So I just threw my first big-ish party and it turned out so well! My son turned 1 and I had started putting lots of thought into his birthday party for a few months. I tried to find the best way to throw a cute yet memorable party on a tight budget. I took many suggestions from friends and ended up taking the advice of shopping at the dollar store. I knew I had wanted to do a carnival theme for some time now. I had loved all of the carnival-themed pins I had seen on Pinterest!

The food…we did everything from Costco! We did a “hot dog bar”…48 buns for $5, 48 hot dogs for $25…the condiments (dirt cheap). I bought everything else for $1 each at the Dollar Tree. I used the small popcorn holders for center pieces and the larger ones to hold chips and popcorn. I literally got everything for $1 : the giant swirl lollipops, plastic utensils, plates and napkins, tablecloths, funky straws, cupcake holders, raffle tickets, balloons…everything!

Here are some pictures from our successful day 🙂










It is possible to throw an awesome party for cheap!