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DIY Wine Corkboard

Have you ever wondered what to do with your wine corks? Here is a cheap and easy way to create rustic-looking cork boards that everyone will love – a DIY wine cork board. Use it for pinning pictures, hanging jewelry and for reminders or calendars.

Take it a step further by gluing magnets to the back so you can use it on your refrigerator! It’s a great DIY gift idea. If you can’t drink that much wine, just ask your friends to collect them for you or purchase wine corks from around the world below.  This upcycle DIY sure beats throwing them away!

DIY Wine Cork Board:

wine corkboard materials

What you will need:

  1. Wine corks
  2. Cardboard or poster board
  3. Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • I used 48 corks to make a smaller-sized cork board that measures about 7×11 inches
Wine Cork Coasters

Step 1: Find corks of similar size and shape to pair together. Next, glue each pair in the same direction as shown.


Step 2: Glue 2 pairs together in a perpendicular fashion, so you should end up with pieces of 2 glued pairs.

Step 3: Glue these 2 pair pieces together in a perpendicular fashion again. You should now have 4 pairs glued together making a square. For 48 corks, you should end up with six 4 pair pieces.

Wine Corkboard

Step 4: Now, you want to glue each 4 pair piece onto the center of the cardboard. Make sure the pieces are touching each other as much as possible to prevent gaps in your board. Make a square or rectangle or even a heart shape. It’s really up to you how you want your board to look. Mine looked like this.

wine corkboard

Step 5: Cut off the remaining edges of the cardboard once the glue has dried. Make sure to leave a little room if you plan to nail your board into a wall. Heavy duty tape on the back of the board may work also. I used clear push pins to pin mine onto a wooden post. Enjoy!

How cool are these wine corks that come from all over the world?!?

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