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20 Ways to Use Coconut Oil During Pregnancy and With Infants

Here are 20 ways to use coconut oil during pregnancy and with infants. Coconut oil naturally contains high amounts of lauric acid, a fatty acid that supports the immune system. It is often used as a natural remedy for many things. Since lauric acid is important for both pregnant women and infants, coconut oil is a perfect substitute for your typical go-to products.

20 ways to use coconut oil during pregnancy and with infants

  1. To help diaper rash naturally
  2. For stretch marks
  3. For cradle cap
  4. For yeast infections
  5. To help your perineum after birth
  6. To help sooth sore and cracked nipples of breastfeeding mothers
  7. Cooking with or consuming a few tablespoons daily to help with digestive health
  8. Apply to swollen and irritated gums
  9. Mix a tablespoon in hot tea when you have a cold or the flu
  10. As an all-over skin moisturizer and massage oil
  11. For common dry skin problems
  12. Consume 3-4 tablespoons daily to help with milk supply in nursing mothers
  13. As a safe personal lubricant
  14. When consumed daily, helps aid in weight management and sleep
  15. In ginger tea to help nausea and heartburn
  16. For thrush
  17. For UTIs
  18. To help hormonal health
  19. For hemorrhoids
  20. For nails and hair health

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