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Oil Pulling With Essential Oils

Who loves oil pulling? I do! What if you could benefit even more by adding essential oils instead of using coconut oil alone? That is exactly what I have been doing and I love it! Oil pulling with essential oils makes my mouth feel happy and healthy.

Oil pulling is all the craze these days (well at least a few years ago when I originally wrote this post). People swore by it! It supports overall oral health. Some say it whitened their teeth, prevented bad breathe and prevented cavities. Who knows if that is all really true but if it feels good, it is worth trying in my opinion.

Oil Pulling with Essential Oils

Here is what I do:

Swish 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1 drop of Thieves essential oil blend for 20 minutes. If it’s easier to melt the coconut oil first and stir in the Thieves oil, go for it. Since coconut oil has a lower melting point, it should melt in your mouth either way. I think the most important thing to note is not to just drop the Thieves oil in your mouth (ouch that might burn), but mix it in the coconut oil first.

I know 20 minutes seems like a long time, but try to hold out as long as possible. I usually oil pull while I’m in the shower so at least I am not needed to yell at my children or eating dinner (haha).

After 20 minutes, spit it out, then repeat daily, then weekly.

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