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What's the Right Dose of CBD?

What’s the right dose of CBD? This is a question we are commonly asked and it’s a great one, but unfortunately not easily answered.

To start, you cannot overdose on CBD. In fact, CBD has one of the best ingredient safety profiles! Your body simply discards what it does not need (so more is not necessarily more), it’s all about a potent and pure form of CBD then less is needed for maximum efficacy.

Just like most natural occurring health items, the proper dosage varies from person to person. Metabolism, age, weight, severity of aliments, etc. all play a factor in which dosage is right for you. 

CBD Oil Dosage

What’s the Right Dose of CBD?

The best way to find a proper dosage is to document your dose and journal the benefits and impact. Start with the recommended dose as indicated by the product label and document how you are feeling to ultimately define your proper dose – and it is a great way to start journaling your health!

Feel free to increase your dose after about 7 days if you are feeling little to no benefits. Most imbalances and in-turn ailments did not happen overnight, so most therefore cannot be fixed overnight – and CBD does not skip any steps to get there. 

CBD corrects the imbalances in the body and that does not happen overnight (Remember, our ailments and issue didn’t start overnight, so we can’t expect them to go away instantly).

We are after subtle improvements that can be sustained by the body, which is why journaling can be a powerful tool in realizing these impacts.

The next step is to give CBD some time to really work. Just like any other vitamin or supplement, it takes time for CBD to harness its full healing power. That is why compliance is important, continued usage every day is important for maximum desired results and allows your body to use the CBD effectively all while encouraging your body’s natural production of cannabinoids.

More is not always the answer! Remember – if too much CBD is used, the body will just discard it. 

CBD comes in an array of mediums, these dosage guidelines apply to both internal and external CBD use, so have fun with it. CBD products range from tinctures to balms to bath products – it just depends what you are looking for and your targeted area of focus.

Thanks to LEEF for this informative guest post!

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