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Make Your Own Infused Oils

Make your own infused oils as a healthy and fun way to add flavor to meals or create therapeutic massage oils.  

I have bought infused oils before, but as always I thought to myself…why not make my own? It’s healthier, cheaper and fun! I think these will make great gifts this year too!

Make Your Own Infused Oils


  1. Empty bottles or mason jars
  2. Extra virgin olive oil (or other carrier oil if using for massages or other beauty products)
  3. Herbs of choice – ex. rosemary, mint, oregano, basil. etc. (freshly picked from your garden or purchased) and/or Therapeutic-grade essential oils – ex. rosemary, oregano, black pepper, lemon, basil, dill, sage, thyme, etc.


  1. Make sure your herbs are thoroughly washed and dried. If they are not completely dried, mold and other bacteria can form in your infused oils. I use my food dehydrator to dry my herbs.
  2. Add your herbs and/or essential oils to your empty bottles. For essential oils, I add 10-20 drops for every 8 ounces of carrier oil (depending on how strong you want the flavor). For herbs, add enough to fill to the top of the bottle.
  3. Fill the bottles with your olive oil and swirl.
  4. Swirl every day for 1 week then strain the herbs out with a cheese cloth or fine strainer.
  5. Bottle your infused oils and they are ready to be used in your home or be gifted for the holidays 🙂

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