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15 Mind Blowing Uses for Breast Milk Besides Feeding a Baby

Breast milk has more amazing benefits than we may realize. Even rancid or expired breast milk can be used for something. From breastmilk jewelry to treating skin ailments, there is no reason to ever throw breast milk away. There are some mind-blowing uses for breast milk besides feeding a baby.

Breast milk provides natural remedies for common skin problems in adults and children due to its abundance of antibodies. Breast milk is so amazing and nutrient-dense. These alternative uses for breast milk are truly amazing!

I definitely admit to squirting breast milk into my kids’ eyes when they were babies. It worked wonders for us when they had clogged tear ducts or pink eye symptoms.

15 Mind-Blowing Uses For Breast Milk Besides Feeding a Baby:

1. Diaper Rash & Yeast Infections

Apply to diaper area then let it air dry.

2. Baby, Teen & Adult Acne

Apply to the affected area as needed.

3. Eczema & Dermatitis in Babies, Children & Adults

Just rub it directly onto problem areas.

4. Cradle Cap

Apply to baby’s scalp.

5. Ear Infection

A few drops in the ear every few hours should clear up the infection.

6. Itchiness – Chicken Pox, Poison Ivy & Bug Bites

Apply to the skin with a cotton ball.

7. Heal Cuts, Scrapes & Burns

Apply to the wound.

8. Blocked Tear Duct & Pink Eye

Apply a few drops in the eye until resolved.

9. Cold Sores & Fever Blisters

Apply with a cotton ball.

10. Skin Rashes

Apply to rash.

11. Sunburn

Pat onto skin.

12. Warts

Saturate a cotton ball and apply to the wart for a few minutes, twice daily for several days.

13. Red or Swollen Eyes

Saturate a cotton ball with cold milk and rest it on the eyelids.

14. Milk Bath

Check out these amazing milk bath benefits!

15. Breast Milk Jewelry

Even if it is breast milk you’ve had in your freezer for 10 years, it works great in making keepsake jewelry to remind yourself of your breastfeeding journey.

Have you ever used breast milk for any of these ideas or even in other ways? Please share your ideas with us!

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