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Healthy lactation support is extremely important in managing milk supply and replenishing the nutrients that are lost while nursing. If you aren’t familiar with my story already, I have hyperlactation syndrome, which means I produce way more breast milk than the average mom. This also means I consume more calories and require plenty of liquid hydration to keep me going.

Don’t get me wrong though, healthy snacking and staying hydrated are important for all lactating moms. Mamas, you know that feeling of starvation that overcomes you as a nursing mom? Whether you are looking for ways to naturally boost your milk supply or want a healthy, on-the-go snack to support lactation, the struggle is real!

I know with the amount of calories I burn from breastfeeding and pumping alone, I am always having to replenish those calories with healthy snacks that support my needs in this stage of motherhood. As an active mom always on the go, I have found snack bars and bites to be the healthiest and most convenient way for me to replenish those calories without slowly me down.

In addition to supporting and managing hyperlaction in a healthy way, eating organic food is extremely important to me. I have tried lactation supporting snacks and teas of all kinds, but I must say there is only one line of products that provides me with healthy snacks and hydrating teas that I truly love!

Bundle Organics offers snack bars, bites and teas which are carefully formulated to support every stage of motherhood – fertility, pregnancy and nursing. With specific nutritional needs in each of these stages, Bundle Organics adds healthy, organic ingredients to support those needs.

Not only are Bundle Organics products organic and nutrient-packed, they taste delicious. The white chocolate almond bites are seriously to die for! I always keep a bag of bites and a few bars handy in my mom van, diaper bag and in my pantry for healthy on-the-go snacks at all times.

My fave!

The teas have also been great this winter season when I want a hot drink without adding extra caffeine and sweeteners into my diet. When spring rolls around, I will be making some iced tea so I can rehydrate while supporting lactation.

I love the lemon cardamom tea!

So mamas, next time you get the hangries while feeding your babe or are in desperate need of a boost in milk supply, you should definitely check out the products that Bundle Organics has to offer mamas like yourself. Mom as you are!

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