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You know me and my obsession with essential oils. It doesn’t stop at singles, blends or even roll-ons. Sometimes making my own roll-on essential oil blends can be too much work for me. Although they do not take long to make, I usually do not have a few minutes to spare as a busy on-the-go mom of three.

I recently started getting more into essential oil roll-on blends because they are convenient, compact and easy to take on the go and even while traveling. Roll-ons save you time and mess by having an amazing combination of essential oils blended together that are pre-diluted. Sounds like a win win to me!

Prime Natural is a brand I have worked with before and I really loved their products! This time, I was able to try their cold cough congestion relief roll-on and it came at the perfect time when my kids were fighting colds and I’ve been suffering from my seasonal allergies.

The cold cough congestion relief roll-on contains some of my most favorite essential oils for upper respiratory support including peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen, rosemary, German chamomile and basil. That’s not it! There is also camphor, which is great for aches and pains, muscle tension and inflammation. All of these amazing oils are blended with grapeseed oil, which is one of my favorite carrier oils.

What I love most about roll-ons is how quick, easy and mess-free they are. I do not have to take multiple bottles of essential oils with me on the go and there is no mixing with carrier oil or getting my hands greasy at the worst possible time. I rolled my Prime Natural cold cough congestion relief onto my kid’s chest to help relieve their nightly cough and it definitely worked! I also carry it along with me so I can open the lid and sniff it for immediate congestion relief when I get an allergy flare up (which has been happening a lot lately with the change in seasons).

Some essential oils I have tried are too weak, do not work well or I question the quality of the product. I have been very happy with Prime Natural and I love the convenience of buying their products on Amazon. They have a variety of essential oils that are affordable, pure and natural.

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