Prevent Mold In Homemade Beauty Recipes

Prevent mold in homemade beauty recipes without adding chemical preservatives or additives. Now, you know me and how I like to make my own beauty products!

Here’s the deal, every now and then I find that mold will grow in certain homemade beauty products. Mostly, I had this problem with homemade baby wipes and sugar scrubs, but with some research, trial and error, I was able to figure it out and perfect my beauty recipes!

1. To prevent mold in homemade beauty recipes, I have learned that vinegar works great! Since Bragg apple cider vinegar is also great for balancing the skin’s pH and smells better than white vinegar, I add about 1 teaspoon to beauty recipes to help prevent mold. I love Bragg in my homemade facial toner too!

2. It is also important to make sure that any recipes requiring water that you are using distilled or boiled water. Since I live where tap water isn’t so great, I actually use boiled distilled water and use that.

3. Also make sure not to get moisture trapped inside containers of homemade products, especially tap water or hard water from your shower. This can definitely cause mold to grow, especially in a closed container in a warm place.

4. Essential oils – Just adding one drop to recipes will help tremendously! I love the smell too!

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