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Mother's Day Gift Guide

As a mama of three kids under four years old, I can tell you that life is pretty crazy and being a mom is a hard job! There are some things I cannot live without for my own sanity and well being of my family.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a natural mama in your life, check out my tops pick below!

VitaClay Organic Cooker:

After attending a healthy mom conference I discovered the VitaClay organic cooker and have been obsessed ever since! Think of it as a mix between a crock pot and instant pot. Although it isn’t a pressure cooker, it does cook meals rather quickly, in as little as 30 minutes.

It also has a slow cook option, but cuts the time down significantly. A recipe that takes 8 hours in my crock pot takes only 2 hours in my VitaClay. I use my VitaClay at least twice a week. It is easy to throw everything into the clay pot and let it do the cooking for you, without killing the nutrients or flavors.

If you can’t think of what to buy as a mother’s day gift, this is the gift to give! Get 10% off with my code ALLNATURALANDGOOD10!

Le Creuset Cast-Iron French (Dutch) Oven:

I am obsessed with cast iron cookware! Not only is it healthier, it can last a lifetime! My favorite brand is Le Creuset. Although pricey, it is totally worth it!

I use my dutch oven for sautéing, boiling, baking in the oven, for soups and more. It really is a versatile item that is great for any kitchen. I love the colors too! You can buy new additions to your favorite mom’s Le Creuset collection when you have no idea what to get her.

Simplehuman Dish Rack:

This is another one you might not think of off the top of your head, but I love my dish rack! Having a dishwasher is certainly a life-saver, but as a busy mom, I am still constantly doing a ton of hand washing of dishes.

From breast pump parts to sippy cups and pots and pans, this dish drying rack has been the best one I have ever owned! It fits nicely in my small kitchen and holds a ton. It complements by black and stainless steel appliances nicely and I am always happy with my Simple Human purchases.

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle:

Whenever I don’t know what to gift someone, I always get them a stainless steel water bottle. You really can’t go wrong with having one (or several) of these. I use my stainless steel water bottles every single day!

They are worth every penny because they last a long time, they are healthier than using plastic bottles and saves you money if you can fill it up at home with filtered water from your tap. I love the water I get from my Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System.

Essential Oil Diffuser:

I cannot live without my essential oil diffusers! I have one in every room of my house including my kid’s rooms. It is perfect for keeping immune systems strong, humidifying, supporting upper respiratory health, promoting restful sleep and simply creating an all natural fragrance in your home.

Pair it with some quality essential oils and you won’t be disappointed!

Or make them a homemade gift with these ideas below:

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