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photo credit: JooJoo

If you can’t tell by now, I love essential oils! I love diffusing essential oils. I love everything about essential oils. Diffusing essential oils in the nursery and my kid’s rooms is my thing too.

I have tried essential oil diffusers of all kinds and I really like this JooJoo essential oil diffuser. It is perfect for using in a kid’s rooms or in a baby nursery because it is compact, colorful and fun! The colorful LED lights capture the attention of little ones with its 7 different colors.

The JooJoo essential oil diffuser has continuous and intermittent mist settings. This is perfect for getting more mist for a more powerful scent or if you want the diffuser to last all night before running out of water, the intermittent setting makes more sense.

With 7 LED colors, you can keep your favorite color on display, have it change colors automatically, or turn the light off completely. I love all of the options because I like to diffuse at night without¬†keeping my little ones awake. My older kids enjoy the color changing “night light” and other times they like to pick their favorite color. For my youngest, it is nice to turn the light off to minimize distractions and keep her room nice and dark.

This diffuser also has an auto shut off, so there is no reason to worry about it being left on for hours on end. This is a great safety feature that all diffusers should have, if they don’t already.

I love my JooJoo essential oil diffuser because it is so easy to use and works well, especially with my kids. It is small enough to take on our travels, but powerful enough to produce plenty of mist to cover an entire room.

Here are some tips that are featured in my video below:

  1. Add water using the measuring cup included, being careful not to overfill the water reservoir.
  2. Add only pure essential oils to ensure the diffuser works properly. Do not dilute the oils or use a carrier oil.
  3. Start small (use 1-3 drops of essential oil), especially for babies and oil newbies. You can add more as tolerated once you get a feel for diffusing and the strength of the diffuser and oil scents.
  4. I like using Gentle Baby essential oil, a blend that calms both mama and baby, without any harsh or harmful scents for little ones.

Here my tutorial video on youtube:

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