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Are Your Beauty Products Toxic?

Are your beauty products toxic? You might be surprised by how many chemicals are in many beauty products out there. But don’t be alarmed, as there are so many great natural alternatives these days. 

Here are some shocking statistics about toxins in beauty and personal care products: 

  1. The average teenage girl uses 17 beauty products per day while their mothers use about 12 per day.
  2. Many of these products contain toxins like triclosan, parabens, fragrance, formaldehyde, etc. which is found in nail polish, sunscreen, toothpaste, perfumes/sprays, lotion, makeup and all kinds of beauty and personal care products.
  3. Many toxins in beauty products are EDC (endocrine disrupting chemicals) which are believed to be a cause of early puberty in girls. Early puberty is then linked to early sexual activity, earlier substance use, pregnancy and depression.

So how do we know what is really in our beauty products and how can we avoid the toxic ones? is your new best friend! This website does it’s own research on products and identifies toxic ingredients and what their side effects are (hormone disrupting, carcinogenic, etc.) and each product is giving a rating from 1-10 based on how toxic it is (1 and 2 being ideal).

They also have an amazing app called Healthy Living which allows you to scan your products. I scan everything before I buy it and I have even scanned products I already own that I was unsure about.

These products can be avoided, but how? There are several natural solutions these days. There are some natural beauty products I really like. I also enjoy making my own products so I know exactly what is going into them. It saves me time and money too!

My Favorite Makeup

Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale Cosmetics is a vegan and organic natural cosmetic brand that I love! They have some fun colors and a variety of shades.

My Favorite Vegan Mascara:

Bold Statement Vegan Mascara-Black – $27.00
from: Au Naturale Cosmetics

My Favorite Organic Brow Pencil:

Brow Boss Organic Pencil-Blake – $22.00

from: Au Naturale Cosmetics

100% Pure

I love 100% Pure because their makeup is colored using fruit and other natural plant-based ingredients. I love the fun colors of their lipsticks and their tinted moisturizer is my fave! Their products are also vegan and organic.

My Favorite Eyeshadows:

My Favorite Lipsticks & Face Makeup:

You can find all of my homemade beauty recipes here!

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