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My Favorite Natural Cosmetics

I just did a video on youtube about my favorite all natural cosmetics. Here is a recap of the products and brands I covered and what I love most about them.

100% Pure

100% Pure is the brand I talk about most. Their products are all natural, vegan and organic! I use many of their products including fruit pigmented makeup and nail polish.

I love their tinted moisturizer! Since foundations and powders are not my thing, all I need is a tinted moisturizer with sun protection. I am fair-medium skin toned and I use the color Sand. Even when my skin tone changes, I have had no problem with the color as long as I blend it nicely.

100% Pure also offers amazing fruit and vegetable pigmented palettes that include blush, luminizer and eye shadows. I like their Naked palettes because they are neutral colors. For some fun colors, their Mermaid palette is a great choice too.

For eyes, I love their creamy eye liners and ultra lengthening mascara made from black tea, berries and cocoa. They have so many amazing shades of eye shadow, a selection of eye brow makeup and brushes.

My most favorite 100% Pure products are their amazing matte lipsticks! I fell in love with Prickly Pear and love trying out new colors. You can see my top picks in my youtube video. One thing I forgot to mention in my video is that their lipsticks have long lasting color! I usually only need to apply it once for the entire day and night.

photo credit: 100% Pure

While most cosmetics are dyed using FD&C dyes, 100% Pure products are pigmented with fruit, vegetables, cocoa, tea and other natural plant sources. Plant-based pigment also provides added health benefits such as antioxidants and vitamins. Chemical dyes on the other hand, often contain heavy metals. Yuck!


Lather is another company I love! They offer a variety of face, body and hair care products that contain no synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulfates or parabens. They add natural essential oils to their products.

In my video I talk about their Rose Radiance, a two-in-one lip and cheek tint that looks like rose gold and smells like a fresh bundle of roses! It has a shimmer to it which I really like. You can learn more about Rose Radiance here.

Clean Skin For A Radiant Life

I’ve also tried a few of their skin care products and I am obsessed with the Eucalyptus Facial Scrub and Coconut Kisses lip care kit.


One day when I was out of eye brow pencil, I made a quick Amazon purchase of the Sante eyebrow pencil in Blonde and I have been very pleased with it! It looks more like a taupe color, but is perfect for blondes!

Sante is a German brand. I really love products from Europe, as their standards are much better than ours. At first it was hard for me to find information about their company, but after some research I discovered they offer natural products which is right up my alley. I saw their simple and easy to understand ingredients on their Amazon listing which made me confident about my purchase.

To learn more about my favorite natural products, check out my Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Products!

My favorite natural and vegan cosmetics, fruit pigmented makeup and organic skin care products and brands.