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DIY Face Powder Using Ingredients in Your Kitchen

You are probably catching on by now that I like to make my own… well, everything! First, I made my own eye liner and lip balm, but this time, I wanted to try making a natural face powder. You guys, this recipe is awesome! You can make your own DIY face powder using ingredients in your kitchen. I must say it is so cool!

You can also make it the perfect shade by adding more or less of each ingredient to match your skin tone. It can also be adjusted as needed if your skin tone changes seasonally. 

Not only does this recipe use all natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen, but it is also non-toxic and can be used on all skin tones. And, it is SO cheap to make!!

Here’s a scary thought. Did you know our skin rapidly absorbs anything we put on it and goes directly into our bloodstream? Most women absorb 5 pounds of makeup per year! Sadly, store-bought makeup contains many chemicals and fragrance (which can contain hundreds or thousands of chemicals alone).

DIY Face Powder Using Ingredients in Your Kitchen


  1. A container
  2. Unsweetened cacao powder
  3. Ground ginger
  4. Ground clove
  5. Ground sage
  6. Cornstarch
  7. Essential Oils: I like using Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense, or Geranium.


This recipe is all about experimentation to find the right combination for your skin tone. The cornstarch is used as the base. Ginger serves as the yellow tint, clove as red, sage as green and cacao as brown.

For example, those who get reddened skin easily, more sage (green) would help balance your skin’s color.

  1. Mix up everything and add more as needed. Test a small patch on your hand to see if it matches. What is great about this recipe is that you can always adjust the color, especially when your skin changes tone or gets darker in summer months.
  2. Next, add your essential oils. All of my above suggestions are great for supporting the appearance of healthy-looking skin. I usually only need a few drops, depending on how much powder is being made. For 1/2 cup of powder, about 5 drops is all you need.
  3. Add to your container and enjoy your new non-toxic face powder.

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