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ASPCA Kids Books Review


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Studio Fun International and the ASPCA teamed up and created a children’s book series called ASPCA kids: Rescue Readers. These books are about real animal rescue stories!

Since my son is only 20 months, we weren’t able to enjoy all of the books just yet, but I looked them over and they are so cute!! I gave my son the hard-cover book about animals and numbers so that he can look through the pictures and lift the tabs. The level 2 books are really cute too and they are something I can read to my son in the meantime until he is big enough to read on his own. My son loves animals and making animal noises, so these books are great for him!

I love that these stories are about real rescue animals! At the end of each book there is a page about the animal in the story with their picture. I think this is a great way to teach kids about animals, adoption and rescue. I also love that 4-5% of proceeds from each of these books gets put back into the ASPCA so that they can continue to prevent animal cruelty.

You can find out more about this book series and Studio Fun International at And here is their Facebook page.

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