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[email protected] Baby Monitor Review
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Here is my review of the [email protected] baby monitor. It has lasted me for three kids and for the price, it really is a great fit. 

Setting up the [email protected] baby monitor was super easy. I read the instructions first, but it wasn’t even necessary. Basic common sense here. The baby unit and parent unit connected without having to manually “link” them together. I love the big screen, picture quality, sound quality and how easy it is to use and operate.

I have read over some of the positive and negative reviews for the [email protected] wireless digital video baby monitor and I would like to talk about the pros and cons to help future customers understand a little bit more about this monitor with my honest review.

[email protected] Baby Monitor Review:

The Pros: 

  1. The parent unit screen is huge! My motorola monitor is maybe a measly 1.5×1 inch. This screen measures 3 inches wide by 2 inches long.
  2. It comes with a clip for clip-on use and it has the capability to stand on a surface or be used flat.
  3. The baby unit camera captures a ton of space! My other monitor only captures my son’s crib or toddler bed. This one captures not only the bed but a ton of floor space! My son’s room measures 12×13 and I was able to get the camera to capture my son’s toddler bed (in the left corner of his room), the area rug/floor space and part of the crib on the opposite end of the room.
  4. The connection is amazing compared to my other one! The parent unit also has an antenna to use if needed. My other monitor would constantly beep (parent unit) whenever it was trying to connect to the baby unit. It would beep continuously throughout the night waking me up. I hate that!
  5. VOX mode – This monitor has what is called VOX mode which is basically the energy-saving mode. It will activate when noise is heard from the baby unit. Once activated, the screen and sound will turn on on the parent unit. I love this feature because I find my other monitor’s screen and constant white noise sound to be very distracting and makes it hard for me to sleep throughout the night.
  6. The baby unit’s camera lens has the ability to be focused in or out (not zoom) and angled in different directions.
  7. The battery life of the parent unit – after putting my son to sleep I kept the parent unit on (unplugged) while I watching tv. I had it on for an entire hour before turning it off and it hadn’t even used 1 bar of battery. My other monitor has a horrible battery life and I am lucky if the entire battery lasts even an hour!
  8. The 2 year replacement guarantee – This company definitely stands by their product and wants their customers to love it too! For those who feel negatively about this monitor (even after months of use) should contact the company. I understand that things sometimes stop working the way they should and how frustrating that can be, but if you don’t take advantage of this 2 year replacement guarantee, you don’t have much room to complain. Most other baby products out there only offer a 1 year guarantee, if that.

The Cons: 

  1. I do agree that the tune that plays when you turn on the baby and parent units is unnecessary. Hopefully with the feedback on that feature, the company with eventually change that. That feautre doesn’t bother me so much though because my toddler has been on a solid 7pm-7am sleeping schedule since practically birth. He also falls asleep on his own. I just turn on the monitor 10 minutes before his bedtime (usually after I put his pajamas on) since the monitor is within reach on his bookshelf. This does not “wake” him because he hasn’t even gone to sleep yet. Let me clarify, the tune is not continuous and only plays when it initially turns on and at no other time. The tune lasts for a couple seconds. I can see how this may be an issue for parents with newborns or infants who fall asleep in their parent’s arms and then need to be put down in their bed. I know some infants can be sensitive to sounds, but I never had this problem. If you can turn on the baby unit before your baby/babies are asleep, there shouldn’t be an issue with that.
  2. The solid red light that illuminates constantly on the baby unit is distracting. The reason I did not reduce the rating for this is because any other baby monitor that I have seen also has some sort of light that illuminates on the baby unit throughout it’s use. I just put a small piece of black duct tape over it and that solves that problem for me. I had to do the same with my other baby monitor.
  3. The connection isn’t completely secure. This monitor can probably be “hacked” into because the frequency of the connection is not secure. They recommend you turn it off when not in use. I think there are many baby monitors out there with this same issue. Until it becomes a problem for me, it isn’t a problem. It is a little bit of a pain though to remember to always turn the baby unit on and off between uses. With my other monitor, I kept the baby unit on at all times so I only had to turn on the parent unit when my son goes to sleep. The connection is secure on my other monitor.

Overall, I really like the quality of the [email protected] wireless digital video baby monitor! You also can’t beat the current sale price! I just went to Target today and saw several baby monitors that looked very similar (same type of camera, big screen, etc) for $300. I would definitely recommend this monitor to anyone looking to get one!

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