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Make Your Own Bath Salts

It is a fun project to make your own bath salts. There is something so soothing about relaxing in the bath with some amazing bath salts. One thing I have noticed are the store-bought bath salts having synthetic ingredients and scents. It’s a much better idea to make your own if you can. It is a fun project or a homemade gift idea too!

Here is how to make bath salts at home:

What you need:

  1. Epsom salt
  2. Essential oils
  3. Optional – dried herbs or flowers like dried lavender
  4. A pint sized mason jar


Add a few drops of essential oils and stir. Add in the dried herbs/flowers too. Add to a mason jar. Personalize it with some twine or decals for a nice homemade gift!

Use 2 cups for a full body bath soak. Use less for foot soaks.