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DIY Poopourri Spray

DIY poopourri spray is a fantastic idea! If you aren’t familiar, it is a naturally-scented spray that you use in the toilet bowl before you go #2, hence the name “poopourri”.

With two stinky males in my house, it is very much necessary! I know a little bottle of store-bought poopourri can be expensive, so when it was time for a refill, I decided to make my own.

It is really easy and dirt cheap to make this DIY poopourri spray. I love that you can mix it up with different essential oils to create different scents for the changing seasons or for different bathrooms. 

DIY Poopourri Spray

What you need:

1. I used these generic glass spray bottles but you can also use a nice perfume spray bottle like this one or even find one at a garage sale or second hand store for a more antique look.

2. 1 teaspoon witch hazel

3. 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oils

4. Water – to top it off


  1. Add the witch hazel/vodka to the spray bottle.
  2. Add your essential oils.
  3. Top it off with water and shake gently.
  4. Voila! Shake gently before use just like you would with regular poopourri.

Check out this post if you’re looking for more DIY projects to try using essential oils.

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