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One Pot Italian Wonderpot - All Natural & Good

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I have been meaning to create a blog post on this amazing recipe! I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with my second child and let’s put it this way…I have been exhausted lately as a stay at home (pregnant) mom running after my toddler all day.

Usually I love to cook and I try to cook all 3 meals every day! We hardly eat out and I love knowing what is going into my food. But at the same time, I do not have enough energy to cook most of the time. If it isn’t quick or easy, I don’t even bother these days.

My husband works all day and although he volunteers to come home and make dinner, we try to share in the responsibility. That is when we discovered one pot meals and we haven’t looked back since!

I make this particular wonderpot once a week and it is by far my favorite one pot recipe yet!!

It is so easy to make, it literally only usually one pot for the entire meal and it is oh so tasty! I also usually have all of these ingredients around my house anyways.

I tweak the recipe a little bit by using chicken broth instead of vegetable broth and if I don’t have fettucini around the house I substitute for a different type of pasta.

Sometimes the cooking time will vary if you use a different type of pasta, but it still comes out amazing!! I also use an organic frozen spinach and kale mix that I buy at Costco.

Check out this delicious recipe below:

Italian Wonderpot Recipe

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