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Homemade Essential Oil Roller Blends

Homemade essential oil roll ons are perfect for having around the house and on the go with so many amazing uses!

Keep in mind, you can use whatever dilution ratio you want, depending on your needs. Oils for kids should be diluted according to this chart. I like to use fractionated coconut oil as my carrier oil. You can also use your own judgement for how many drops of essential oils you would like to add to your carrier oil.

You will also need roller ball bottles like these glass roll-on bottles.

Below are 12 homemade essential oil roll-on blends to try:

  1. Nighttime: For all of your nighttime needs – Combine lavender, cedarwood, clary sage and carrier oil
  2. Calming: To calm nerves and manage stress – Combine stress away blend and carrier oil
  3. Peace & Love: For a nice uplifting scent- Combine peace & calming blend with rose and carrier oil
  4. Muscle Ease: To ease muscles and joints – Combine PanAway blend and carrier oil
  5. Immunity: To support your immune system when you need it most – Combine Thieves blend with rosemary and carrier oil
  6. Baby Blues: For both mama and baby – Combine gentle baby blend and joy blend with carrier oil
  7. Respiratory: For amazing respiratory support – Combine R.C. blend with peppermint and carrier oil
  8. Energy & Focus: The ultimate pick-me-up that is refreshing and vibrant – Combine lemon, orange or tangerine and peppermint with carrier oil
  9. Tummy Time: To support the gastrointestinal system – Combine ginger, fennel and peppermint OR use digize blend alone along with carrier oil
  10. Owie: For any owies that need some TLC – Combine tea tree, frankincense, lavender and carrier oil
  11. Goddess: The ultimate feminine blend – Combine clary sage, geranium, lavender and carrier oil
  12. Seasonal: For all of your seasonal needs – Combine lavender, lemon, peppermint and carrier oil

Uses for your roll-ons include – as a perfume, to soothe your muscles, or to apply to the bottoms of feet for overall body support.

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