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How to Clean Cashmere

How to Clean Your Cashmere
photo credit: Wardrobe Hackers

Washing your fabrics correctly is extremely important, especially when it comes to luxurious fabrics like cashmere. Our friends from Wardrobe Hackers will walk you through how to clean your cashmere in 7 simple steps. This will also save you money that you may normally spend getting it cleaned at the dry cleaners.

As a busy mom, I do not have time for the dry cleaners and hate to spend money on dry cleaning if it is something I can do at home. Who’s with me?

A low-alkaline detergent or gentle baby wash is key. I love Eucalan Lavender Fine Fabric Wash because it’s non-toxic and made in Canada. Although the soap is expensive, it lasts a long time and still saves you money that you might be spending at the dry cleaners for your fine fabrics.

From start to finish, this takes only about 30 minutes or less, excluding drying time. This sure beats the dry cleaners! This works for cleaning cashmere sweaters, coats, scarves and more.

Check out these great tips from Wardrobe Hackers on how to clean your delicate cashmere clothing items!

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