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Burano Venice Italy

I was lucky enough to travel to the world’s most colorful place (according to many sources) – Burano, Italy. Burano is an island of Venice and is known for its lace and colorful homes.

Did I mention we went on this trip with our firstborn when he was 6 months old? It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Thankfully, we have friends who live in Venice who were able to show us the ropes.

Venice, Italy is comprised of many smaller islands that you can get to by boat. From Venice to Burano, it takes about 45 minutes by boat. Burano is known as the colorful island of lace. It is truly picturesque in every way.

Burano is a cute little town where local fishermen catch fish for the restaurants on the island. The seafood there is amazing!

You can see Burano in less than a day if you are visiting Venice. Just walking around looking at the colorful homes, grabbing a fresh caught seafood lunch and browsing the shops for some handmade lace is all you need to enjoy Burano.

Venice, Italy (with a baby)

As far as Venice in general, it is a cool place to visit. Traveling with a baby? We loved it!

We found that a lightweight umbrella stroller that folds easily and is easy to carry was the way to go. There are a lot of bridges with steps, making it difficult to push a full-sized stroller. We would each lift the stroller on either side and carry it over then steps so that we didn’t have to take the baby out and fold/unfold it every few minutes.

Getting on and off the boats can be tricky with a bigger stroller also. I think we were able to push the umbrella stroller right onto the water taxi, but other boats did not have this capability.

While in Venice you will walk a lot, so be ready for that and wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

There are also tons of amazing photo ops! We brought our nice Canon camera with us to document the world’s most colorful place. Here are some amazing photos we took in Burano (please do not use these photos without permission):

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