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Trader Joe's Wine Guide

I’ve been wanting to write this post for years but as I find myself trying to compile photos and catch all of my favorite wines in one grocery haul, I found it to be impossible. But here it is! Here is my Trader Joe’s wine guide.

If you thought it was all about their infamous “two buck chuck” you have been missing out on a lot of incredible and affordable wines! If you do drink two buck chuck, stick to their new organic kind if you can. For only about $1 more, it is totally worth it!

Pesticides in Wine

So many studies have found the alarming amounts of pesticides found it most California wines. For this reason, I try to stay away from California wine unless I am familiar with the winery and their harvesting practices.

In some instances, grapes may be grown organically but a particular winery may not have wanted to invest in getting it certified as organic. Others have a fancy way of dancing around the term “organic” too, so just be careful and do your research if this is important to you. It is for me.

Here is my Trader Joe’s Wine Guide:

I am a big fan of European wines. For starters, their standards are a lot better than ours in the US. While many chemicals are allowed in our food and beverages here, many of these chemicals are banned in Europe and other countries.

When I visited Italy, we went to a family-owned winery where they grow their grapes organically. Although the bottle doesn’t state “organic”, it is a common practice in Italy to grow grapes without using pesticides. It is funny when you even ask “is this organic?”, as it often goes without saying.

ABV% (alcohol by volume – aka how strong it is) is also something I look at when I buy wine. At Trader Joe’s, I can always find a higher ABV% for a great price! Why not have a stronger wine at the same price right? There are many times I have found a 15% abv wine for $2.99-$3.99 per bottle. What a steal!

If you can find a European wine that is 15% ABV and only $2.99 per bottle, this is the best of the best wine you will find at Trader Joe’s! When I find this kind of wine, I buy it in cases! You may never know when you will see your favorite wine again.

Trader Joe’s also puts amazing wines on display at unbeatable prices! While a bottle of wine may retail at other stores for $12.99, TJ’s might be offering it for $2.99 per bottle. I learned this by talking to my favorite Trader Joe’s crew members. They get amazing warehouse deals in bulk for some great wines! The only thing is, they are limited, so buy them ALL when you can!

Another thing I love is their variety of boxed wines from around the world. The Shiraz from Australia is my fave! When I am hosting a larger gathering, just wanting ALL the wine, or my favorite wines are unavailable, this is my go to wine! The price can’t be beat and you can enjoy some imported wine without having to worry about drinking the whole bottle. Once you open a box, it is good for a month!

What are your favorite Trader Joe’s wines?

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