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Bagy Bed

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This Bagy Bed 3 in 1 infant travel bed is a diaper bag, diaper changing station and travel bed all in one.

Our family is big on traveling – whether it is a day away from home, a quick weekend trip, camping/boating, or even a longer vacation. I have my fair share of infant/toddler travel beds, so I was excited to try out this 3 in 1 Bagy Bed.

Even with the handful of infant travel products I already own, I’ve noticed it is still very hard to pack when traveling with a baby. I usually needed to pack a travel bed (which can be big, heavy and bulky in itself), a bag full of clothes/shoes/etc., a bag for bottles/snack containers/food/breast pump/etc., a bag for diapers/wipes, and the list goes on.

I would always find myself packing too many bags of baby stuff. It is hectic as it is to transport a baby by themselves haha.

  1. The first thing that stood out when I ordered this product is that it is made from non-toxic materials. As a natural mama of three, I have become very passionate about non-toxic baby products. I try to avoid toxic chemicals when it comes to myself and family. Do your research and you will be shocked to find how many toxic chemicals are lurking in your baby’s things. But not this Bagy Bag! I can feel safe knowing my baby isn’t breathing in toxic chemicals whenever I place her in this bed.
  2. Although it may not look like it, the 9 pockets hold quite a lot of newborn stuff! We went on our first trip since having our second kid recently via car ride. Our stay consisted of 3 nights and 4 days in a hotel. I was able to fit almost everything I needed for my newborn girl in this bag! I was so impressed!
  3. I was able to fit 4 burp clothes, a bath towel, 4 sets of pjs, 4 full outfits (including onesies/shirts/dresses, pants and socks/booties), a jacket, 4 headbands, 2 bottles (I currently breastfeed, but in case of emergency), a sleep sack and a toy.
  4. The only things I was not able to fit in this bag for this 4 day trip were diapers and wipes. I have never been able to pack baby stuff so well before! I ended up putting her diapers and wipes in my son’s duffle bag which had plenty of extra room to share.
  5. It un-snaps and un-folds quickly and effortlessly without having to remove anything from the pockets! I used it as a place for my baby to “hang out” in the hotel room without having to touch the nasty carpet. She slept in it for part of each night too!
  6. I only have one concern and that is it isn’t very breathable and the walls (which are held up with velcro) are completely enclosed except for the top. It does not have mesh side panels or anything. The velcro can also come detached more easily if there is too much stuff or weight in the pockets, causing the walls to somewhat cave in.

Otherwise, this product is made of high quality material and the color is perfect for boys or girls. You will be amazed by how much fits and the bag isn’t bulking at all!

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