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Snug Cam Baby Monitor For Smartphones Review

Snug Cam

photo credit: Snug

This Snug Cam is the greatest thing I have ever come across! What a neat and useful device! I originally thought I would use this camera as a baby monitor, but the uses are endless! For day to day use, I plan to use this in my kid’s room as a baby monitor. When I go out of town or am away from home and wanting to take a peak, I plan to set this up elsewhere and view the camera from my phone wherever I am!

I would like to address the many pros and functions of this camera and then I will also address some of the concerns from other reviewers and hopefully provide clarification for future customers.

This camera is more or less like a spy cam that pans and tilts both on its own or manually. I wouldn’t recommend it for outdoor use though. The camera unit requires power at all times while in use and must be plugged in. It would be nice to also have a battery feature, but I think it would drain them pretty fast. Having to plug it in doesn’t bother me at all and actually saves me money. The “parent unit” is your smartphone. I believe this camera is iphone and android compatible, but there may be other compatible models. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask the company, as they are very helpful in answering questions, addressing concerns and troubleshooting.

I do agree that more documentation/detailed instructions would be helpful, especially for those who are a little tech challenged. When I went to set it up and it said to plug the camera into my router, I was very confused since I was under the impression this is a wifi camera. Well, it is!! After reading the Q&As on the listing, I realized it was required for setup only! Once I went back and read the instructions again, it made perfect sense and is pretty simple.

From what the seller has mentioned in many Q&As, you will plug it into the router and power just for setup and then it can be unplugged and used through wifi. My router is located in my hall closet so it was a little inconvenient for me, but that is my problem since I place my router in such an odd and hard to reach place. Also, when unplugging the ethernet cable from the camera, I realized it was stuck due to the design of the camera. It creates a pocket where a piece of the cable gets jammed. We had to use a flat head screwdriver to remove it. Luckily it didn’t break the camera! Since I don’t think I will ever have to set it up again, it was no big deal for me. This is just something to keep in mind.

Right when I set it up, the camera began to move to try to detect something. It immediately focused on my husband who was standing nearby. How cool! Downloading the app was a breeze and I had no trouble connecting to wifi. For those who have trouble connecting to wifi, please consider that this may be a wifi/connection problem, internet provider problem, or simply a troubleshooting problem that the company can address. I wouldn’t give up over a wifi connection. Contact the company and see if it can be worked out.

As far as privacy goes, use common sense. If you use wifi that is not secure, the possibility of others hacking into the camera will increase. I suggest you use a password secure wifi connection if at all possible. Next, after setup, I would go into the app and change the username and password. Upon setup, they provide a generic username and password, so you can later go in and change it. We did this to provide extra security. You can also go in and change the alias so that other people cannot see “snug cam” as a network when connecting to wifi. My husband and I both downloaded the app and were able to use it at the same time without any trouble!

What is really cool about this camera is the fact that it pans and tilts and you can manually move the camera using your finger on your phone screen through the app. I find this extremely helpful in my kid’s room because my son has a toddler bed in one corner and my baby on the way will be sleeping in the crib on the other side of the room. I have yet to find a stationary baby monitor that can capture the entire room and both kid’s beds. This camera allows me to move the camera back/fourth/up/down to view all angles and areas of the room. I believe this camera pans 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees as I watched the camera when I was testing it out. I walked around in a circle and it followed me. I love that feature!

The picture quality is also superb and is almost as great as the smartphone itself.

There are so many other wonderful features too like being able to talk to your child through the camera/app, night vision, the option to turn off the led light (I love that because my son hates any light in his room at night), and being able to view the camera wherever you are! I like that I don’t have to worry about having a stationary baby monitor that needs to be perfectly positioned. Simply plug this camera in and you can move it on your phone! It also includes a wall mounting piece if you choose to mount it.

I see this camera as a great addition to any home for the use with kids, pets or to simply add some extra security and I think this is well worth the price, as many baby monitors out there cost a lot more and do not have many of these features.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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