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Balancing Romance and Motherhood

Hey mamas! I know this is a topic we can all relate to on so many levels. How the heck do you find the balance between romance and motherhood? Not to mention, also finding time for yourself? Your friends? Your family? Finding that balance is overwhelming just thinking about it!

I am feeling so inspired after attending an annual mom blogger conference with like-minded mamas who are health conscious like me. But they are also real moms, just like all of us! We all share these feelings about finding the perfect balance, right?

It is no secret that life changes a lot when you start having kids. Sometimes it isn’t so bad finding that balance when you have one kid. It is when you add on the second, third or even fourth child to the mix, it becomes beyond exhausting and overwhelming. Sometimes, do you find yourself missing those days when it was all about you and your spouse? I sure do!

So, how do we balance romance and motherhood as a wife and mom?

Why is it so hard to be good at both?

My husband really put things into perspective for me recently when he told me he gets maybe only 5% of my attention per day. This made me sad, disappointed and guilty. I also realized, I maybe only give myself 5% of my own attention. Other times, I do not get any attention at all. So how am I supposed to fit it all in in one day?

I am a huge planner and so is my husband, so this actually is a great trait that we share, but because of this, we sometimes forget about being spontaneous and not always going by the book.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted on so many levels every single day and it never seems to ease up. Since I am still waking up in the middle of the night to pump, I am beyond exhausted! So how can you possibly be in the mood for romance when all you want to do is sleep?

Well, it is time for all of us to get intentional about our marriages! Practicing self care goes hand in hand with this one, even if self care means taking a long shower or sleeping well.

Ok, So How The Heck Do I Balance Romance and Motherhood?

My husband and I have started doing “date night” once a week at home after the kids go to bed. The best part? No babysitter or money is needed for this to work!

We decided to make Friday nights our date night and we can switch it for another night if we have plans on a Friday.

Our first date night rule is absolutely no electronics! This means no television, no phones, no computers, no technology! So what do you do without technology?

We have started playing more games, going in the jacuzzi, making a late night dinner together, etc.

The second rule we have is that we cannot talk about the kids, work or money. This is actually pretty tough, but you will find yourselves talking more about things you used to talk about when you dated. Even laughing about your first date or a funny story of the two of you in your younger years is a great conversation starter.

So, how do you find balance between romance and motherhood? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to email me stories you’d like to share!

Enjoy your date night. Cheers!

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