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Become A Young Living Essential Oils Wholesale Member


Young Living Wholesale Membership

Become a wholesale member with one of the starter kits! Read about the premium starter kit below. Wholesale members get wholesale prices, which is 24% off retail. As a wholesale member, there is NO obligation to sell and no annual fees like most wholesale memberships (Costco, Sams Club, etc). Some people only sign up for the wholesale prices with no intention to sell. However, you will find that sometimes the products sell themselves! Wholesale members are already set up to earn an income as well. This income can cover the cost of the products you buy or it can become a part or full time business. It can be whatever you put into it!


The only requirement to maintain an active wholesale membership is to spend 50PV/year (PV stands for personal volume. Personal volume is usually dollar for dollar so this equates to $50 a year). You already achieve this when you buy the Premium Starter Kit so you would be set for the year! Not to mention, as a wholesale member, if you sign up 3 people, you can get paid back the amount you paid for the Premium Starter Kit!

3 Friends Free Kit

Premium Starter Kit

Let me go into more detail about this kit. Over 90% of Young Living members start with the Premium Starter Kit. This amazing kit includes 11 5ml bottles of essential oils (Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, Copaiba, PanAway, Thieves, Purification, DiGize, R.C. and Stress Away), an all-in-one home diffuser, a roller ball fitment (to turn any bottle into a roll-on), two 2 ounce packets of NingXia Red (a powerful antioxidant drink), 10 essential oil samples, 10 sample bottles so you can share with your friends and so much more!

If the cost is a concern to you, let me remind you that once you become a wholesale member and you then enroll 3 people as wholesale members, this can pay for your kit! So you can easily make $160 back rather quickly. Who wouldn’t want all of those amazing oils and a diffuser for free?

Here are ways to use the Premium Starter Kit!

Benefits of a Wholesale Membership

– 24% off retail prices on all Young Living products

– No requirement to sell or pay an annual or monthly fee

– Qualified to buy the amazing Premium Starter Kit (retail customers do not qualify for this)

– Once you get started as a wholesale member and order your starter kit, I will send you a welcome email and provide you with information and resources. Not only will you have me as a supportive and attentive sponsor to turn to for guidance and advice, you will become part of an entire community of passionate and supportive Young Living members.

Essential Rewards

Another member perk is the opportunity to enroll in their essential rewards program. Essentially, this means you earn points for every dollar you spend. Each point you earn is worth $1. So let’s say after 3 months you have 100 points, that is $100 you get to use toward free products! With essential rewards, you also get discounted shipping which is awesome!

Requirements for Essential Rewards: The only requirement for essential rewards is to spend 50PV each month. But, what is great about this is that it is all automated! So you never have to worry about remembering to place an order every month. It will process on the processing day you choose each month and will get shipped to your doorstep! Essential Rewards (or ER) is great for those wanting to buy products as often as once a month. Why not get rewards in doing so? Remember this is an OPTIONAL program.


Being a Young Living member also gives you the opportunity to sell products and collect commissions and referral bonuses. You can get all of your orders paid for with that paycheck or even turn in into a full-time business. Keep in mind, selling is NOT a requirement for membership. Only a small percentage of members actually turn in into a business. Most people just want to enjoy the wholesale prices which is awesome!

Become A Wholesale Member Or Retail Customer Here!


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